Dogs are pack animals and there is nothing they enjoy more than the opportunity to be out in a small group with other dogs – walking, socialising, playing and interacting in a safe and stimulating environment.


Whether you don’t have the time for long walks with your ‘faithful friend’ or simply don’t have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, then we can help you and we know that your dog will thank you for it!

Dogs will be assessed by a dog walker in a couple of one to one walks to assess temperament, obedience and recall to allow us to fit them into one of our walking groups. 


Groups will be taken to a variety of different local locations to keep it interesting for the dogs. Most include a swim stop (Drying off after walk included in price).



We do offer one to one walks for those dogs that do not enjoy the company of other dogs. But these are outside the lunchtime hours of 11-3pm


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